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Apr 22 2020


Est USA Canada
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm



During this time of enormous growth in on-demand e-commerce, freight travel behavior patterns are distinct and rapidly evolving, generating unique demands for on- and even off-street space. Long term, as cities around the world adopt a “complete streets” approach, freight must be considered. By redesigning streets to allocate street and curbside space for transit and non-motorized travel, these cities are establishing how best to maintain a safe and efficient movement of goods while keeping pedestrians and cyclists safe. During this webinar, Alison Conway will review challenges identified in a survey of cities around the U.S. and discuss international best practices to approach design, regulations, operations, and demand management for freight. Dr. Conway is a previous MOBILIZE speaker and presents on urban freight to preview agenda topics for MOBILIZE 2020.

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