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Nov 17 - 18 2021


9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Autonomous Vehicles and Public Transport in Europe

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) in public transport are in the spotlight with the launch of the European Commission’s (EC) ‘Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy’ in December 2020. The strategy has set the target to deploy automated mobility on a large scale in the region by 2030.

The European Union has already made rapid strides in testing AVs. Many federal and local governments as well public transport authorities and operators have also made efforts to introduce AVs in public transit in urban, suburban, and rural areas.

The mission of the conference is to discuss the policy and regulatory framework in Europe, progress under EU-funded projects, best practices to integrate AVs and public transport, noteworthy case studies, pilot projects and trials, potential use cases of AVs in public transport, strategies for the deployment of AVs to support transit operations, the infrastructure required to deploy AVs, and funding and procurement strategies. The conference will also showcase new and existing technologies for AVs. Examples will be provided for large, medium, and small transit agencies.

The conference will bring together experts from government agencies, public transport authorities, vehicle technology suppliers, R&D institutes, academic institutions and private companies to address issues in policy, planning, funding, technology, market development, testing, and the deployment of AVs.

The conference will have 14 targeted sessions, panel discussions and case studies, with participation from a wide range of international experts, who will provide valuable insights and actionable advice. The agenda will cover the experience so far and plans of cities/transport authorities/operators for deploying AVs in Europe. It will also highlight the latest technological developments and solutions to improve the customer experience.

Key topics to be discussed:

· Impact of COVID-19 on AVs in public transport

· Leveraging AVs for post-pandemic recovery

· Goals and targets under the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy, 2030

· Key policy, regulatory and strategy initiatives driving the development of AVs

· Progress on EU projects: FABULOS, AVENUE, SHOW

· Integrating AVs in public transport

· Role of transport authorities/operators in the connected autonomous mobility future

· Potential use cases of AV technology in transit

· Strategies for the deployment of AVs to support transit operations

· Infrastructure requirements for the deployment of AVs

· Physical and digital infrastructure to integrate automation and connectivity

· Vehicle-to-Vehicle, Vehicle-to-Infrastructure, Vehicle-to-Everything technologies

· Role of HD mapping in autonomous driving

· Sharing and utilising AV-generated data

· Data ownership, protection and privacy

· AVs driving the deployment of MaaS

· AVs for first- and last-mile connectivity, autonomous shuttles and robo-taxis

· AVs and public transport in rural areas

· Learnings from pilots, case studies and experience so far

· AVs in public transport and the future of mobility


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