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Feb 23 - 24 2021


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Making Money from Batteries​

A key element of making the most of energy storage assets, and will include topics such as revenue stacking, flexibility & optimisation, the evolution of ancillary services, technology & innovation as well as safety.
Long Duration & Disruptive Technologies

Alternative technologies in energy storage are becoming stronger every year and calls for long duration tech are on the increase. This section will explore some of these technologies, as well as discuss the potential for hydrogen and gas storage in the industry.
Policy & Regulation

Policy initiatives are a key component for growth in the industry; today we look to explore some important policy updates across the different segments of energy storage, and how these will engage the market.
Choosing a Model to Suit Your Business & Financing

It is very important to know the ins and outs of the business models you are choosing, to make the most of your storage project. Today we will cover key questions around finance and investment, model choices and standalone vs colocated storage.

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