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23 - 24 Jun 2020


All Day

Why Asia? Build Ecosystem to develop on-demand smart mobility


What changes will happen to Asian smart mobility in the next few years?
How will it affect global mobility?
How mobility enterprises enter the market and operate local businesses well?
What’s the direction and biggest challenges of DiDi, Uber, Grab, Go-Jek, Ola and other multinational giants?
What is the policy framework and corporation strategy in Asia?
Who will be the winner in this competition?

B: Ecosystem

How to realize seamless intermodal mobility?
How to combine ITS and emerging business models of mobility?
How OEMs advance in overseas market and what kind of revolution will they bring to the emerging industry?
What are the new breakthroughs in business models of mobility market in Asia?
Is there any business models that can be borrowed from Europe and America in smart mobility?
How to explore business models and strategic cooperation among e-hailing, car-sharing, shared bicycle, shared motor, etc.

C: Technology

How is 5G & Autonomous driving changing the current mobility market?
When is autonomous driving can be used in mobility?
How AI, Big data, Cloud combined to enable ecosystem collaboration in smart cities? Is there any realized cases in world?
What opportunities can be brought to smart cities and transportation by 5G and IoT?
What is development of infrastructure in Asian countries?

The event is finished.

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