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Paris, France

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18 - 22 Jul 2022


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IGU 2022: Tourism and routing

Exploring the economic, cultural and political dimensions of walking routes




The event aims to promote walking holidays to tourist audiences and provide the infrastructure necessary for undertaking these holidays – such as paths, signposts, digital apps, and walker-friendly accommodation and services. Discuss how to limit carbon footprint walking routes and improve the physical benefits of outdoor activity for cities.


It will also addressing conceptual papers or case studies that may focus on:

– localism, nationalism, europeanisation and transnationalism about and around walking routes
– the moral production and consumption of walking tourists (eg. through “en route” narratives broadcasted by promotion agents, digital platforms, residents, walkers)
– learning while walking, enhancement of proprioception, kinesthesia, etc. through digital and material design
– more-than human entanglements and encounters in walking routes (animals, plants, atmospheres)
– walking routes and ‘footprints’ (from ecological discourses to embodied forms of place-making through walking)
– walking routes and mobilities contradictions (eg. between migration and leisure mobilities)
– walking routes and multimodal transport in tourism
– rethinking walking routes as tourist destinations (governance, legal frameworks and policy networks)

The session will be held as part of the IGU 2022 which will be held from the 18th – 22nd July 2022.

Located in Paris.


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