CAREER PATH / Experience

  • Working with corporate and regional team or central government
  • Gathered actual data about electric mobility, public transportation, air quality…
  • Have managed a budget in several sectors like future of mobility, IA, smart city, electrical transportation…
  • Delivered oral briefings 
  • Provided regular updates


  • University background in law or social policy
  • Law and political studies 
  • EU commission’s, institution & public transportation operators knowledge

About Me

I like to feel responsibility and challenge in my work. Convince business leaders is my daily life.
I know how to be efficient and reactive during a rush hour thanks to my
self-driven approach.


  • Have worked with prominent actors in the government
  • Taste for numbers
  • Excellent press and politic contacts
  • Good communicator and Pedagogue


Taste for law and economics 100%
Written and verbal skills 100%
Good customers relation 95%
Crisis management 90%

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