CAREER PATH / Experience

  • Defined the price policy depending on the market 
  • Prepare a promotional campaigns 
  • Working with marketing team, clients and technical
  • Conception of products linked to security, mobility system, artificial intelligence,  car rental… 
  • Management of a product roadmap, a product backlog and fleet 
  • Collect of testimonials and opinions on mobility products and services  
  • Provide regular updates based on customer feedback 


  • Business school 
  • Engineering schools

About Me

I always give priority to quality over quantity because my goal is to offer the best product for the user. For this purpose, I have to analyse trends and needs, then convince my team of the relevance of the project. I like my job because every mission is an innovation for the future of mobility. 


  • Digital and graphical knowledge 


Trends knowledge 100%
Sense of anticipation 95%
Development methods knowledge 90%
Analytical Thinking 85%
Precise and rigorous 85%

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