CAREER PATH / Experience

  • Jump-start a mobility brand 
  • Grow the business of a structure with the major players in transport and delivery
  • Redefining deployment strategy
  • Recruited a professional and passionate team 
  • Pushing product improvement 
  • Create new sales vehicles outlets
  • Develop new business models
  • Pre Industrialization Vehicles process 
  • Play a role in the transformation of urban mobility


  • Business school
  • Engineering schools
  • University background in marketing and communication

About Me

I like to analyse the environment in which I live and work in order to make it more and more attractive. I find the world of the future in mobility exciting and have a very good knowledge in this field.


  • Taste for urbanism
  • Taste for law
  • Professional contact list


Knowledge of the industrial and mobility sectors 100%
Market knowledge 95%
Project management 95%
Analytical Thinking 90%
Data-driven nature 85%

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