CAREER PATH / Experience

  • Experiences for international brands, for example : SNCF, LastMinuteGroup, Lime, Uber…
  • Managerial and operational experience for several projects : zero-emission future, launch of new bike paths, micro-mobility…
  • Develop several mobility shops in many countries in the same time 
  • Have grown mobility startup in Europe
  • Develop new business models 
  • Responsible of growth and development cities 
  • Developing ideas and businesses skills


  • Business school
  • Engineering school
  • University background

About Me

I really want to increase my responsibilities and making decisions doesn’t scare me. I like to make competitive intelligences to develop the best strategy. Business is my main strength and I feel able to switch between strategic and operational level. Thanks to my different professional experiences, I learned how to manage a team.


  • Address book
  • Passion for traveling
  • Speak foreign languages


PR and HR 100%
Country knowledge 97%
Management 95%
Communication Strategy 95%
Good Interlocuteur 94%
Leadership & Spirit of Initiative 89%

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