CAREER PATH / Experience

  • Urban transport company experience
  • Prospect mobility clients  
  • Negotiate contracts in transportation industry 
  • Follow a pipeline
  • Close deals with C-level 
  • Deployment of a commercial strategy for some projects in E-mobility, automotive, sustainable transports…
  • Analyze driven data points and translate into insights


  • Business school
  • University background in business and management

About Me

What I like about my job is the challenge. I must always be on the lookout for trends to turn them into opportunities. I like teamwork and team spirit but I think it’s essential to regularly take a step back from what we do, especially in a field that is evolving as much. 


  • Curious
  • Speak foreign languages
  • Mastering growth hacking tools 
  • Organized 
  • Self-motivated, energetic


Sense of relationship 89%
Adaptability & Flexibility 61%
Problem Solving & Negotiating 71%
Expertise of the sector 93%
Good presentation skills 85%

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